Shopping Tote
1. Click "Sign In" at the top of any page.
2. Look for "New Customers" on the right. Fill in your information below and click "Create an Account."
3. Congratulations! You now have an official account. Now you are on the "My Account" page. Click on "Billing Address & Credit Card Information."
4. Fill in your credit card information and corresponding billing address. Click "Update Billing Address" and "Save Credit Card" after filling in all info. Don't forget to keep your card close by while shopping. Even though your credit card information will be saved, you'll need to re-enter your security code at checkout.
5. After saving, go back to "My Account" and click "Address Book." Here, you'll tell us where you'd like to have your sale loot shipped.
6. Fill in your shipping address and click "Save to My Address Book"
7. Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to shop! During the sale, make sure to sign in BEFORE you start shopping. Now, we will have all your credit card, billing and shipping information pre-loaded for a faster and easier checkout experience. Remember - just because something is in your cart, does not mean it is reserved. You must completely check-out before the product is unavailable to other shoppers, and due to high order volumes, inventory availability is not guaranteed.
You're prepped and ready for the sale! Call out sick from work, set your alarm for 8am and prepare to be amazed!
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