Summer 2014

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Elsa Top

Style #: 46456

Get ready for a style epiphany: this silk blouse is the secret workhorse of your closet. You can wear this long sleeve silk top tucked in or worn out, sleeves pushed up or blissfully long, styled with a belt over leggings, peeking out from under a blazer, draped over the top of a pencil skirt...Elsa is one shirt with an endless number of looks year-round. This season, we're making Elsa's job a little easier by bringing you bright new prints and colors to spice up your collection.

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Hutton Short

Style #: 58673

Keep it short & sweet with these cheeky black lace shorts. Our Hutton Shorts are ready for a night out, made in our light & airy two tone feather lace. A side zip keeps the front clean and flat--perfect for tucking in tighter tops or for letting a loose blouse flow over.

This item is no longer available for purchase.

Campbell Blazer

Style #: 58676

An expertly tailored black blazer is on every girl's wish list. Indulge your fashionable fantasies with the Campbell Blazer, a one-button blazer in luxurious lace.

This item is no longer available for purchase.