Summer 2014

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Janice Sleeveless Maxi Dress

Style #: 74722

Janice, with a twist. You adore the soutache details and shift shape of the GO LONG with our maxi version. This full-length sleeveless maxi dress will turn heads with neckline details and side slits that allow for full strides, struts, catwalks, or however you want to make an entrance. A patchwork maxi dress? Yes, please!

This item is no longer available for purchase.

Boardwalk String Bikini Top

Style #: 62207

Be a total boardwalk babe! This Lilly Pulitzer bikini top has a triangle-style and an adorable ruffle detail. It's the perfect addition to your growing collection of resort swimwear. A little hint of print & ruffle on your suit will catch the eye of that cutie over there!

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This item is no longer available for purchase.