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Lilly Pulitzer exiting a sea plane
Palm Beach garden with painted palm frond overlays

Lillian McKim was born in New York in 193? (she was a little mysterious about her EXACT age). Her life was one most only dreamt of (or saw in one of those fabulous black and white movies) and a life most would have been content to merely live out in the expected way.

Lilly Pulitzer riding a donkey painting

Not our lady. Lilly was an original in every sense. After attending Miss Porter's School (with the future First Lady, Jackie Kennedy), Lilly chose to go to Kentucky to work for the Frontier Nurses Service. Forget debuts and New York City soirees; Lilly was riding donkeys on the frontier (yes...we said donkeys).

Image of Palm Beach shore with overlayed palm fronds

And when she did fall in love, a wedding wasn't in the cards - she and her first husband, Peter Pulitzer eloped - trust us, eloping was NAUGHTY and these kids were breaking some serious rules by doing so.

Painted orange slices with description of Lilly Pulitzer's young married life

Peter and Lilly didn't limit their celebrations to a wedding reception - they moved to Palm Beach and hosted countless parties. Speaking of Palm Beach, the young couple decided that they would live in the beautiful resort town year round instead of just visiting (hello, brilliance). Lilly the eternal original wanted more. Being a wife and mother to three beautiful children was wonderful - even better served with juice on the side. Lucky for Lilly, her husband had orange groves and she had an idea.

Lilly Pulitzer outdoors with description of the beginnings of her business

Lilly sold boxes of oranges to all of the kitchen staffs in Palm Beach. But soon she decided she needed a home for her business (and Peter decided that he may need to start charging his wife for those oranges). If you've heard it once you know the rest, it all started with a juice the Vias off of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. From messy dresses to a colorful shift - Lilly's life changed forever when her shifts started selling more than her juice.


Vintage Lilly Pulitzer fashions

Palm Beach residents couldn't get enough. "Lillys" became the unofficial uniform for every lady in town. They went to picnics, parties, and practically everywhere in their Lillys - the occasion didn't matter - just that you were wearing a colorful shift.


Vintage Lilly Pulitzer men's fashions
Lilly Pulitzer in her first clothing store

Lilly started opening stores wherever she had friends...starting with the other popular resort towns in America. Just like Lilly, her friends followed the sun - so you can bet that stores started popping up in gorgeous places along the East Coast.


Lilly Pulitzer store dressing room
Inspiration from Lilly Pulitzer

We celebrate Lilly every day by wearing bright, spill-proof prints. Her name is a legacy, her outlook on life is an inspiration and her story should serve as an example. Do things your way. Be yourself and don't accept your life as is - make it what you dream it to be.