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Lilly Pulitzer in printed Lilly shift on bed
Lilly Pulitzer quote about doing things her way
Mother and daughter in matching Lilly shifts with quote about resort wear

Lilly's life was exactly how she wanted it. She lived in Palm Beach, a resort town, year round while all of her friends merely visited. She created a dress that suited her needs - the shift with high slits on the side... and it just so happened that she also created a new genre of fashion in the meantime - American Resort Wear.

Timelessness of Lilly Pulitzer designs

We are who we are. Some think that orange is the new black, for us it's pink. Trends will come and go but our mission is to be essentially Lilly; in how we design our prints and patterns, the shape of our shifts and the way we treat Lilly lovers everywhere. Inclusive. Proud to be different.

Lilly Pulitzer quote about just having fun
Lilly Pulitzer inclusive parties

Lilly's parties are epic. We proudly carry on the tradition. No need to ring the doorbell, just come in and enjoy. It's inclusive and everyone's invited. Is there anything better than a party with eclectic company, delicious food and great music? Like Lilly said...

Lilly Pulitzer quote about parties that start by the piano and end by the pool
Sketch of Lilly Pulitzer pants and quote about making every hour happy hour

The Lilly girl is full of surprises. She lives every day like it's a celebration and makes every hour a happy hour. Life is as good as you make it. BE HAPPY. Wear colors - they affect people's moods, you know. Lilly lived the life she wanted and we encourage you to do the same. She built a business on a spill and she lived in paradise year round. When you look back on your life, make sure you count the happy hours. Don't save them for 5 o'clock - didn't someone say once, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere?" Challenge - start your happy hour this second!

Lilly Pulitzer quote about Lilly clothes making people smile
Lilly Pulitzer believed in living life sunny side up

in bold, vibrant, spill proof prints. Some say when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. Well life handed Lilly oranges, and she made mimosas - wait that's not right (or is it?) - she made DRESSES. Lilly chose to live life sunny side up. Wear bright colors and you're half way there. It's better. Trust us.