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Lobstah Roll Print
Lilly Pulitzer original printed artwork

We design every single print and pattern by hand in our print studio. We start each season with Palm Beach inspiration, a color palette (color is a yes, always bright and spill-proof), and create prints and patterns that bring the brand to life. Our designers sketch, draw, marker, watercolor, and block print every tid-bit of the line.

Hidden treasures in Lilly Pulitzer prints

As Lilly's business "took off like zingo", she thought of yet another fun way to delight her customers (and friends) and add a WINK to every dress. Every Lilly print hides a surprise... "Lilly" was painted in each one. Look closely at your favorite Lilly's from today or years ago, they all have the same hidden delight.

Lilly Pulitzer print designs

Lilly hid all sorts of things in her prints (critters, cucumbers and cocktails). One of her favorites was cats! Some say there were too many (especially in her house), but we disagree...

Hidden cats in Lilly Pulitzer prints and on set