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Printed Lilly Pulitzer shift dress
Painted orange wedges

What happens when a lady (rebellious socialite) with a (Palm Beach) juice stand gets stains on her dresses? Most people would have worn an apron, Lilly decided the only logical way to avoid colorful juice stains on her dresses was to hide them with wild prints. (if you can't beat 'em...)

Women in vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress

The Lilly shift was liberating to Palm Beach residents. Sleeveless, collarless, ever so slightly skimming the body (perfect for hiding those 'gin bellies') - it was a welcome change from the wound too tight dresses and gloves they were accustomed to (Ahhh... a collective sigh was let out).

Lilly Pulitzer shift dress and American Resort Wear text

It's not that they meant to start a shift dress revolution; it's that their lives were too fun not to emulate. Everyone wore the Lilly shifts because it was one step closer to Lilly - an embodiment of the resort life and a magnet of pure joy, fun and sun.

Lilly Pulitzer dressmaker details

Lilly's dressmaker included all of the special details that Lilly and her friends were accustomed to - cotton lining, custom lace hem tape, side slits - you get the idea. And we continue the tradition today. Because while others claim that they don't make things like they used to - we disagree, we make things the Lilly way.

Lilly Pulitzer dressmaker details

Tie it up: Or not...Lilly included ties on many of her shifts. We keep the tradition going in many of our Little Lilly shifts.

Details, Details, Details: Unique zipper pulls are commonly found in Lilly shifts - like an anchor on a toil lighthouse print. It's all in the details...

Lined Lillys: Cotton lining is serious business. Slips are out. Lining is in.

Spill Proof Print: Every Lilly had a unique print designed to hide the juice stains from her juice stand. Not long after, the juice stand closed and the dress business was it. But wild prints never left.

Breathing Room: Lilly liked side slits in her dresses... she was always on the move and it was quite warm in paradise (we mean Palm Beach).

Finest Finishes: You'll find custom Lilly lace hem tape in all of our shifts. It holds everything together so your Lillys last for years and you are able to pass them down from generation to generation.