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Image of Lilly Pulitzer Store mirror and display case
The story of Lilly Pulitzer's first store

In 1960-something a twenty-something Lilly Pulitzer opened her first boutique in the Vias off of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. It all happened by accident, really - but what a happy, print-filled accident it was. Explore Lilly's first store and see how we carry her traditions in Lilly Pulitzer stores to this day.

Image of Lilly Pulitzer's first store

Squeeze me! Oranges hold a special place in our heart - they are our roots all started with a... you know the rest. Having squeezed enough juice, Lilly started selling fruit in her stores when she closed the juice stand and became a designer full time.

Lilly hung her dresses on shrimp baskets... and made them look chic. No easy task. What we love is that they held every print, no order, just pick your favorite.

Forever pushing the limits of what a garden can mean, Lilly hung handmade paper flowers throughout her stores.

Lilly created citrus wallpaper for her store décor. Rumor has it she made the wallpaper out of a wood block covered by her print designers.

Lilly Pulitzer's dresses were a way for people to partake in her fun and festive resort life

No matter how it started, the attitude and enthusiasm has never changed - it's fun! Sometimes Lilly would throw champagne on the floor and everyone would do the twist! It's not that they meant to start a shift dress revolution; it's that their lives were too fun not to emulate. Everyone wore the Lilly shifts because it was one step closer to Lilly - an embodiment of the resort life and a magnet of pure joy, fun and sun.

The personal touches and unique details of Lilly's store

Every Lilly store is full of personal touches. From 3D oranges reminiscent of Peter Pulitzer's orange groves to sea shells applied on the walls, each store should make you feel the sun on your shoulders. The details are unique but the sentiment is the same - bright colors, prints, whimsical props and Florida inspired designs can't help but transport you to Lilly's Palm Beach.

Each Lilly Pulitzer dressing room is unique

We appreciate the uniqueness of every place we visit. You will find local scenes, landmarks and flavor in some of the dressing rooms. In Maryland you'll spot 3D crabs, mallets and lemons - the ultimate summer menu for an Eastern Shore Lilly girl. Duke and UNC battle it out in our Southpoint store. Lady Liberty and other famous landmarks make an appearance in the Madison Avenue store in New York City.

Lilly Pulitzer dressing room with Let's Cha Cha wall paper

We take inspiration from Lilly’s home in Palm Beach where a giant gold “L” hung on her blue front door. Many stores have this bright turquoise door. Inside is where you will find the Lilly Story. It’s a hand painted tale of how the brand came to be. Hint, it all started with a juice stand.