Lilly Pulitzer Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief Lilly Pulitzer Supports Hurricane Harvey Relief

At Lilly, we live life on the sunny side yet we acknowledge that the world isn't always a sunny place. Lilly Pulitzer was founded in Palm Beach, Florida nearly 60 years ago. With strong roots in Florida, we're no stranger to storms and have weathered many throughout the years. The unprecedented impact of Hurricane Harvey has displaced and devastated millions of Texans over the last several days, including many Lilly Pulitzer employees and customers who are near and dear to our heart for so many reasons.

Lilly girls have a way of making even the darkest days a little brighter. They truly live life on the sunny side and we are thankful for that spirit and optimism every day, especially when things are dark. This is how our founder, Lilly Pulitzer lived, too. Lilly once said, "If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart problems." That's why we're taking steps to support the Hurricane Harvey relief effort with the American Red Cross.

In true Lilly fashion, our print studio worked fast to create a beautiful 5x5 painting to show support for Texas. We took this piece of art and turned it into a Lilly Pulitzer Graphic T-Shirt.

100% of net proceeds benefiting the American Red Cross

On Saturday, September 2, Lilly Pulitzer retail stores and website will be participating in a Shop & Share with 15% of sales going to the American Red Cross. Many of our wholesale partners are also participating in this event. Please call your preferred signature or specialty store for more information. No matter where you are, you can shop for a cause on Saturday in stores or online.

In addition, our parent company, Oxford Industries, is matching employee donations to the American Red Cross in support of the Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts.

And please remember, as Lilly girls, you can make the world brighter. With your smile, with your optimism, with your bright Lilly style...your spirit can make a difference. We are sending all of your great appreciation, support and love, especially to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

xx The Lilly Pulitzer Team

Lilly Pulitzer will donate 100% of net proceeds of each "Lilly Loves Texas" Colie Top sold from 8/30/17 through 12/31/2017 to the American Red Cross. This purchase Colie Top is not tax deductible.

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