Outfits for School: The Lilly Way


Outfits for School Outfits for School

UPF 50+ Girls Mini Sophie Dress and UPF 50+ Sophie Dress in Multi Beach Loot

Who says school outfits have to be boring? At Lilly Pulitzer, we believe in wearing clothes that make you feel confident, bright and happy. We have compiled a list of back to school outfit ideas perfect for a college wardrobe, little Lilly or teacher. Outfits for school should be as bright as you are. So let's break down what makes school outfits authentically you.

Back to School Basics

When planning your back to school outfits, it's important to have some basics. Basics are perfect because they go with EVERYTHING and are usually the perfect solution when you over sleep (we've all been there). Need a pair of pants to throw on? Try our Worth Skinny Jeans. In need of an easy and simple top? Grab a Tabbie Tank Top and pair it with any of our versatile cardigans.

Casual Outfitting

Let's be honest, sometimes you just want your school outfits to be comfortable. There's no better feeling than throwing on elastic waist band pants and T-shirt after a long school week. Take a look at our Luxletic's FILLED with comfy solutions. And YES we firmly believe that leggings are pants. Another casual school outfit that we view as a MUST is a good jean + popover combo. Just POP it on and go. After all, college clothing is all about ease.

Best Dressed

Alternatively, just like how there are days when you want to be comfortable, there are days where you want to DRESS up. This school year, make your first day of school outfit the Emma Dress, a 3/4 sleeve swing dress, or the Sophieletta, a fitted cap sleeve dress. Want to combine comfort with dresses? You can't go wrong with our new Popover Dress.


Back to school outfits include more than just clothes, the also include the proper back to school supplies. No academic year will shine brighter than one organized in our agendas. Whether you are a teacher or a student—plan all of your adventures, assignments (and most importantly, vacations) in PRINT.