Lilly Pulitzer's Ultimate Packing List: A Downloadable Vacation Checklist


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What to Pack for Vacation

Packing is an art and it all starts with a thoughtful list. Luckily, we're artists for prints and for packing. From the perfect party romper, that won't wrinkle, to the ideal packable tote to have throughout your trip. Lilly is what you want to wear when you're traveling some place sunny. Creating the ultimate beach vacation packing list is not only necessary - it's fun. We have created a packing list template to assist you in writing the ultimate packing list for your next trip. You can include your vacation essentials in this travel essentials list.

This packing list will get you in the spirit of your vacation getaway weeks before you even take off. We've organized it into two selections - your packable tote bag necessities and your travel carry-on items. We don't believe in checking unless absolutely necessary. Besides, packing light is our specialty.

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Don't forget any vacation essentials - download our printable packing lists for your next resort getaway.