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  • Ikat Blue Mocean Engineered Dress
  • Resort White Mocean Lace
  • Multi Jet Stream
  • Multi Dancing On The Deck
  • Multi Daquiri Shack Engineered Dress
  • High Tide Navy Drop In Navy
  • Seaspray Grey Seaspray Gray Off Shore
  • Ikat Blue Mocean Engineered Romper
  • Multi Jet Stream Engineered Romper
  • Blue Ibiza
  • Coral Sunset
  • Resort White Mocean Lace
  • Blue Ibiza
  • True Navy
  • Resort White Mocean Lace
  • Pink Sunset Home Slice Engineered Sophie
  • Pink Sunset Home Slice Engineered Romper

Classic & Cute Resort Dresses For Women

Lilly Pulitzer dresses are the foundation of this brand - an embodiment of the resort life. Classic dresses have carried us through decades of parties, sunny days and laughs. From casual day dresses to cute party dresses, each one of your Lillys sparks a memory and a smile - Can you believe we jumped in the ocean in our shifts? Did we really think a friendly game of tennis made sense in those sundresses? Whatever the memory or the moment, these resort dresses are made for you by people who understand that clothes should make you happy.