Dive In: To a Nod to Mod

The shift dress, a quintessential element of women's fashion, has endured through decades since its inception in the 1959.

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With its uncomplicated shape that hangs straight down from the shoulders, it epitomizes comfort and style in one. The world of modern fashion often discovers how this beloved garment continues to be reinvented while retaining its distinctive and timeless appeal. As part of the ongoing 2024 Anniversary Celebration, a 'nod to the mod' and classic styling of the iconic Lilly Summer shift dress; this style deserves the "Royale" treatment.

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As you may know one of the pivotal early moments of the brand happened when Lilly's former school chum, Jackie Kennedy, came to town and also donned this Palm Beach uniform: casual, comfortable, chic and pulled together. Jackie was regarded as one of the most stylish women in the world and when she appeared in a Lilly on the cover of Life Magazine in 1962, Lilly herself mused..."it just took off like ZINGO."

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Summer is the time to zip up, stand out, and discover the shift dress that's right for you. Explore the full range of Lilly shifts from the mini shift, maxi shifts, shift rompers and knit shifts. More responsible materials in our shifts and on trend crochet shifts. We could go on for decades...and we have. And the simple fact remains: the shift is an effortless summer staple that looks polished and pulled together; casual and glamorous; and always whimsical. A shift is versatile and most importantly, FUN. Go ahead, dive into the iconic style that started it all.


It's the season of the LILLY SHIFT, established 1959.

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