For The Love of Lilly

Thank you for uploading your photos and telling us why you love Lilly - you can see ALLLL the submissions in our gallery here. Now, we need YOUR help picking the winner! Get to know our four finalists and their #fortheloveoflilly story and cast your vote now. One vote only per person.

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#fortheloveoflilly means wearing #lillypulitzer on every special occasion. My mom got me my first two pieces when I was a teenager & it’s been my special occasion staple ever since. When it came to selecting a Lilly for this special day, I thought about what my mom would choose. I’m sure she is smiling down from heaven

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As a stay at home mother with dreams of entrepreneurship, Lilly Pulitzer means so much more than just a “look”. It means having a dream and finding the strength and courage to chase it. It means showing my daughter that you can wake up everyday and choose to be happy. Lilly represents a life well lived, full of joy, kindness and a whole lot of fun!

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After having a baby, I struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety, something so common but not discussed enough. Becoming a new parent is a shock to your system and adding in the postpartum depression and anxiety creates an extra hurdle to adjusting to your new life. As a result, I had a really hard time bonding with my beautiful baby girl. With therapy, support groups, and tons of help and love from my husband, friends, and family, I started feeling like myself again. During this time, one of the things that made me happy and helped me form a bond with my baby was dressing us alike. Lilly Pulitzer has played a huge role in this department as there are so many cute matching mother daughter outfits. We wear our bright and cheery Lilly wherever we go, and this has become our signature look. Thank you Lilly for helping me bond with my child and bringing joy back to my life during a difficult time. Our family will be forever grateful and forever your loyal customers. Xoxo.

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Lilly has been with our family for a long time now. It might just seem like clothes but we have made so many amazing friends through the Lilly community. Lilly has been apart of my wife’s military career since the start and I have always been able to find the perfect Lilly dress to wear for any occasion. Mackenzie has been wearing her Lilly dresses since she was 9 days old and loves taking trips to the Lilly store! Between the Lilly boards and the amazing women who work at the Lilly store we have always been able to find a fun, bright, and loving community at every duty station. This second pregnancy has been so hard with so many ups and downs but the Lilly community has always been there for my little family. I am forever thankful #fortheloveoflilly and this community who has helped us out so much over the past few years #lifeinlilly